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How to Select Boxing Gloves

Choosing from the Different Boxing Gloves Available

If you’re in the market for boxing gloves, you know that there are several types. This is why a lot of new boxers are overwhelmed. They feel so overwhelmed that they end up buying the wrong types of gloves for the wrong purposes. In order to choose the right one, you need to know more about the different available types and their uses.

Different Types and their Uses

Here are the different types of boxing gloves and their corresponding uses:

  • Competition gloves

This pair is a must if you plan on competing. It’s important to note that there are mandates set by boxing commissions so these gloves are very specific. Your choice will also depend on your weight class. The higher the weight class, the heavier your gloves should be.

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But generally speaking, these competition gloves are smaller and thinner than the other types of gloves. But still, they have to be approved before you can use them for competitions especially for amateur fights.

  • Speed gloves

These are gloves used for light training like speed bag work or light bag work. Their main purpose is to protect your hands against scrapes.

They’re very light as well. This is because they’re designed not to impede with your training. There are workouts designed to improve your speed like speed bag drills and using speed gloves help.

  • Bag gloves

For heavier and more intense workouts, bag gloves are a must. They provide more protection than speed gloves so you should have this pair of boxing gloves when you’re doing heavy work on the punching bag. They provide more cushion which is important since you will be abusing your fists as you spend hours in the gym abusing the punching bags.

  • Sparring gloves

Sparring is a unique situation. You’re training for a real fight, but it’s very similar to a real fight. You’ll have to use gloves that are almost the same as competition gloves, but you have to protect your sparring partner as well so you have to use something that not only protects you, but protects your sparring partner as well.

A lot of fighters use a pair of sparring gloves as their all-around training gloves. You can also use them for doing bag work or speed work. If you can only afford one training pair right now, this is a good start.

Which One to Buy

From the list, you know that you need at least one pair, and you have to buy competition gloves if you’re going to compete. If you’re planning to compete, you can buy two pairs of boxing gloves – a sparring pair that will serve as your all-purpose pair and a competition pair. But seeing their benefits, it’s also a good idea to have one pair for each type. This way, you’ll have a pair for every part of your training and career as a boxer.

Boxing is a demanding sport so you have to have the right tools to get the job done. Invest in these boxing gloves and increase the level of your training so you’ll be prepared for your fight.