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How to Shop for Muay Thai Gloves

Survive Muay Thai with the Help of Muay Thai Gloves

A lot of people will tell you that Muay Thai is one of the best martial arts out there. It uses a good mix of striking and clinching, and you use 8 limbs, as it’s known as “the art of the eight weapons”. The “weapons” refer to body parts that you’re going to use to knock your opponent to the ground. In addition to your fists, you’re also going to use your elbows, knees and feet. Your shins can also be used.

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Now, among all your “weapons”, your fists are the most vulnerable. This is because they’re packed with bones that can easily shatter if they come in contact with something hard – something like your opponent’s head. This is why you have to use something that can help you protect your fists, and Muay Thai gloves are designed for this purpose.

What are these gloves?

These gloves are very similar to boxing gloves. In fact, not a lot of people can point out differences between Muay Thai gloves and boxing gloves. After all, they basically have the same responsibility; which is to protect your fists. Just like boxing, Muay Thai fighters punch a lot as they use punches to start a flurry of attacks using their knees, elbows and feet.

However, manufacturers are making Muay Thai gloves more flexible. This is because Muay Thai fighters clinch more than boxers, and added flexibility can help them do so better. In addition, some fighters use their hands to block high kicks, so added flexibility in the gloves help.

The differences between MMA gloves are more obvious, as MMA gloves are smaller and they feature an open-finger design. In addition, you can easily open your hands even if you’re wearing MMA gloves, because this flexibility is needed for grappling. This is also why part of the palm area in MMA gloves is exposed.

Some Things to Consider

Don’t buy the first pair that you find. Here are some tips on buying these gloves:

  • Choose a good brand.

Your fists, along with the other “weapons”, will be your assets in this sport. This is why you have to protect them, so don’t be cheap when choosing a brand. There are a lot of good brands like Twins, Fairtex, Windy, Tuff and the likes. Don’t worry about the price because they’ll pay for themselves down the line.

  • Choose the right size.

They come in the following sizes – 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz. Usually, fighters choose heavier gloves for training, and lighter gloves for competitions.

  • Consider the available designs and colors.

Don’t be forced to go for plain colors and designs. While an all-black pair is classic, explore the possibility of using gloves that have “louder” designs and colors. A lot of Muay Thai fighters like to put on a show for the crowd. In addition, they do everything they can to intimidate their opponent. How about a pair with a skull design for this purpose?

You can’t succeed in Muay Thai without a good pair of Muay Thai gloves. Buy a good pair and you’re on your way to succeeding.