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More Boxing Glove Info

Boxing is one of the oldest games, which is an extension of martial arts. This game involves two opponents where they try to fatigue each other by throwing gloved punches. One of the most important weapons used during boxing is the pair of boxing gloves.

These gloves are specially designed in a manner that protects your hands, allowing minimum harm to your knuckles and maximum injury to the opponent’s face. The boxing gloves have a unique characteristic of inflicting fatigue and even knocking out the opponent but will not cause fatal injuries.

To layman most boxing gloves look the same, however there is a fine distinction in terms of different brands that are available.  The winning and losing can be determined by these brands as they play a vital role. Therefore it is very important to choose the right kind of boxing gloves as they shape up the player’s fate. Below is a list of all the famous boxing glove brands which have been used by various renowned boxing professionals over the course of their career.


This is a Japanese high-end brand, and the best available in the market. Winning gloves are a premier quality brand that has the highest level of durability. These can last up to five years without wearing out. This brand of boxing gloves provides maximum protection to hands and fingers, and provides the most protection for fighters who have hand related problems.


This brand has a dual specialty of being called a pillow and a puncher. Everlast is a century old brand that gives maximum protection to hands while offering a nice balance in terms of forceful punching. They are fine quality, and are affordable by most boxers (even at the training sessions).


Grants brand are known for their hand protection characteristics. They are well known for protecting the wrists and fingers of the fighter. These gloves have a good feel around the wrist, and are adjusted according the hand that provides support. Their making is excellent and has an appealing touch as well.  This brand falls between Winning and Everlast, hence it lies between the two major brands in terms of quality, usage and durability.

Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes is a Mexican brand, which has a USP of being handmade. They are hand stitched and are very comfortable and lightweight. This brand of boxing gloves takes up the shape of any hand it is slipped into, and feels very natural.  This brand focuses on causing maximum damage to the opponent; therefore Reyes is called the punching gloves.


This is a new Canadian brand, which is sweeping in to the US market as well. This brand has an eye-catching logo and nice finishing. They also provide maximum protection and keep bringing improvements in their designs.