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The Importance of High Quality Gloves

All contact and fighting sports have protection and safety gear to enhance the workability of the fighter. In competitive sports such as mixed martial arts, there is the mouth guard for cushioning blows and to protect the insides of the mouth, sports trunks for moving and representing sponsors.  However the most important piece of MMA gear is the specially designed MMA gloves. These gloves are specially tailored for comfort and style, protection, and durability and effectiveness.

Applications of MMA gloves

MMA gloves are designed to allow striking and grappling in such a way that the fighter is least able to scratch or eye gouge. Most fighting sports have gloves as a requirement, including boxing, Muay Thai and other disciplines associated with Kung Fu. To select a learning pair for this sport, it is imperative to try them on before purchasing it. There are standard sizes can match the dimensions of your hands, but for an expert mix martial artist it is a “must” to try them on first.

Types and Cost

If you are looking for an high quality pair you’re looking at upwards of $50. A high quality pair of MMA training gloves can be fetched around $70 to $80, depending on where you buy them. However for a learner a rather cheap pair will suffice (unless the person quickly develops skills).  Maintaing an expensive pair is not difficult at all.  After use, wipe the moisture and dirt off and clean it with a neutral shiner before placing it back in its place. It should also be noted that MMA gloves are made for standard punching bags or training partners, not walls or improvised punching bags like trees.


Purpose of the Design

The basic function of MMA gloves is to prevent any injury to the wrists, knuckles or fingers, which are repeatedly used in contact sports. By using such protective gear you will minimize the chances of injury to your hands. There are many types of gloves out in the market but professional fighters use branded gloves. These are constructed with leather or polystyrene to endure hard blows without wear or tear, plus, these gloves are stitched with double hemming to maintain their size (as they will expand after a while).  A layer of rayon or foam is stuffed in between the knuckles and the exterior of the gloves to reduce impact shock from hard blows.

Why is it important to wear the gloves

MMA gloves without padding are available for purchase, but are banned in fighting promotions such as Strike-Force and UFC (due to the risks involving serious injuries).  Taking unrestrained movement of fingers into the equation, a good pair must have the quality of perfect fit. If the fit is not satisfying it would be best to exchange them for a tighter pair instead of risking injury. Control is everything in a sport such as MMA, and to deliver control into the bout gloves are required to support your fingers while being comfortable on your wrists. This helps in avoiding rashes or skin burns while applying a technique or escaping from a lock.