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Types of MMA Gear

Training and preparing for mixed martial arts requires some basic gear. The selection of the right gear for your MMA training could make the difference between you becoming the ultimate boxer and struggling to get better. MMA was derived from Vale Tudo that promotes no-hold challenges of a barred nature. Everyone knows the high risk of injuries involved in the sport since it is a full-time contact sport. So while the tournaments involve punches and grappling, they also have a comprehensive set of rules. Professional training requires a basic checklist when it comes to MMA gear to ensure athlete protection.  So go through this list to power up for the boxing experience you’re looking forward to. For a beginner’s instruction on MMA gear, read on.

MMA mouth guard

Be it amateur training or professional, the mouth guard is one piece of gear that is not compromised on. If you want to begin competing, make your way to the best sports shop and choose a mouth guard from the large range to select from (and buy one that promises quality).  While price is a good indicator of quality, you can afford to go for a reasonably priced brand.

mma gear

Most MMA gear mouthpieces have a specific channel designed to give free access to breathing. Some have a new feature called the Gel-Fit Liner that sort of adjusts itself around your teeth and makes the mouth guard fit excellently into your mouth. But remember, a mouthpiece that doesn’t flaunt the Exoskeleton shock-frame isn’t worth buying.  This feature is phenomenal in mouthpiece development since it protects the jaw and gums from strikes. Purchasing such a mouthpiece is the best choice to make, second only to a custom-fitted mouth-protector.

MMA cup

Once you’ve protected the mouth, think about the next most targeted area: the groin. Protection of the groin is made easy by using a “cup.”  Only look for a well-fitted comfortable cup. A jock strap is a feature that comes attached to the cup, but many fighters consider it more of a hindrance. They slide around, distracting the fighter.  For such a problem, look for compression shorts that will provide high quality comfort levels.  Not only are they airy, but also allow the exit of sweat from the region. Compression shorts are a favorite in MMA gear.

MMA gloves

Gloves are an essential for pad work and bag practice. When you begin searching, you’ll realize that the variety of MMA gloves being manufactured and designed is overwhelming. You are presented with so many choices and options, and each variety has special features to cater to your needs. Choose for comfortable, well-fitted and affordable gloves that fall within a range of 12 to 16 ounces.  Be wary of synthetics and select a full leather product. Hand wraps and wrists strapping made from Velcro are a must.

Now that you know what you need to begin training, you can start to practice and excel at America’s most beloved contemporary sport.