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Why MMA?

Why MMA?

Have you been the victim of bullying since childhood? Is there a thirst in you that you always wanted to vent out? Are you concerned about walking alone in alleys and getting jumped? And last but not the least; are you a fan of fighting? If you are interested in standing up against bullies or giving a good beating to mugger who attacked you, then MMA is your catch!

Introduction and Applications of MMA

Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA is a category of sports and self-defense that carries the blend of almost every fighting discipline you might have heard about. No one can force which one is the best for you as you alone must decide which floats your boat but considering an opponent taller, bigger, and with greater reach advantage can never be defeated by brandishing your arms aimlessly like a school girl, especially if you are physically weaker. MMA incorporates styles that teach the learner how to use the strength of the adversary to your advantage. Well getting back to the pickle! If you are physically weaker than the opponent but know how to execute a crucifix (a Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique that involves placing both the feet on the opponent’s arms rendering them useless and exposing the neck for striking) then it wouldn’t be a fair fight, well not for the opponent.

MMA as a sport

Learning mixed martial arts is not easy, but has been vetoed by many critics who reject the idea of MMA as a sport, claiming it to be barbaric and ill-organized with no regard for professional composure. Well this idea is absolutely erroneous. Since the advent of this sport in professional platforms such as UFC, the detail of it has ever since evolved and refined. Athletes not only are able to put up a show of thrilling fight card, but also prove their worth in the octagon (arena where the bout is conducted in UFC) by showing fireworks of elegant fighting styles and deadly techniques. The sport has now taken over its destined and glorious position in the global framework of fighting sports and arranged bouts worth millions of dollars.

Mixed Martial Arts will prevail

Picking only one discipline won’t suffice the potential stored in your body. To master that, one must start off with mixed martial arts and prove one man less useless in this world. Mixed martial arts are not confined to a specific gender or nation unlike the bushido code of the samurai (which is probably why it has gone extinct). The practitioners of this art can be male and female, young and old or belonging to any part of the world devoid of any cultural restrictions. Mixed martial arts are now becoming the hottest fighting sport, gathering global attentions and proving the critics the real merits of its competitive criteria. Mixed martial arts are a fighting sport for every one especially if you like unleashing punishment from every corner of the planet onto your opponent in one sitting.