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Why Wear Protective Gloves?

Why Wear MMA Gloves when Training and Competing

Gone are the days of bare-knuckle fighting, at least when it comes to MMA. Nowadays, fighters wear MMA gloves. It doesn’t matter what discipline they’re following; most fighters wear them when fighting. In fact, it’s mandatory in the UFC since it’s now a regulated sport. This is partially thanks to the Shooto promotion of Japan which was the first one to make wearing them mandatory.

They’re Like Boxing Gloves

MMA gloves are like boxing gloves in such a way that they provide protection to the hands of the fighter. Have you ever tried punching something hard? You know for a fact that it can damage your hands, which will set you back if you’re training for a fight. In a sport where punches to the head are part of the strategy, you have to do everything to protect your hands because of the strength of the skull.

So why not just use boxing gloves? Well, MMA is a multi-discipline sport. In order to succeed, you have to be versatile with your fighting style. Even if you’re a power puncher, you also have to add a few skills to your arsenal like wrestling and grappling. Now, can you imagine grappling or wrestling using boxing gloves?

mma gloves

MMA gloves are open-fingered gloves. This allows the wearer to grab their opponent for grappling maneuvers. This is the main difference between the two kinds of gloves.

MMA Promotions Love them

Of course, MMA promotions consider their fighters their assets, so they have to protect them.  But in addition, these gloves encourage fighters to strike with their hands. Since fighters know that their hands are protected, they wouldn’t think twice of punching since they don’t have to fear injuries. We all know that fights filled with these strikes are very popular with the fans.

They Protect Both Fighters

It’s already established that they can protect the fighter wearing them. However, you have to know that they protect the other fighter as well – the one on the receiving end of the punches. The padding provides a little bit of cushion so that the receiver won’t receive the whole power of the punch. In addition, they also minimize cuts and lacerations that are very rampant in bare-knuckle fights.

Beneficial for Training and Competing

Fighters can enjoy these benefits when they’re training and competing. This is why there are even MMA gloves designed for training and competing. A lot of fighters choose not to wear them when training. Unfortunately, a lot of them regret their decision later on as they nurse a broken hand.

Of course, they’re beneficial when competing, but that’s not all. These gloves are actually mandated in most, if not all promotions. They’re also mandated by the states sanctioning the events. Simply put, you can’t compete if you don’t wear them, so you might as well train with them so you can get used to the feeling.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of reasons why you should wear MMA gloves. If you really want to succeed in this sport, wearing a good pair is a good start.